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A traveling exhibition about the sounds and songs of life

Green Materials

Green Materials

Wild Music was built using ecologically responsible materials wherever cost, fabrication methods, and durability made it feasible. The following materials are used in the exhibition.

floor and wall covering

Carpeting for the Bioacoustics Lab carrels and for the Power of Music Theater is made out of 20% post-consumer nylon on a renewable, bio-based backing.

The flooring in the Town area is Tufflex tiles, which are 3/8” thick, resilient, and made predominantly of recycled rubber.

The ribbed carpeting on some trees and other vertical surfaces in the Forest area is Tretford cord carpet. It contains 80% goat hair and wool and is backed with 100% natural jute.

The fabric covering for foam acoustic panels is Teratex, made from 100% recycled polyester.

partitions and furniture

Partitions and exhibit cabinets are made of Medite II, an interior grade, engineered wood-based panel manufactured from softwood fibers combined with a formaldehyde-free synthetic resin.

Decorative translucent panels in the Forest area are made of 3form Varia ecoresin, a non-toxic polyester resin that contains 40% post-industrial reclaimed material. The sheets contain encapsulated bear grass. Ecoresin materials can be recycled within current post-consumer waste recycling streams.

Windows in the Town area are made of thin-ribbed, hollow, polycarbonate structured sheets. The reduced amount of material reduces the use of fossil fuel. The sheets are 100% recyclable.

The tree forms in the Forest area and the posts in the Ocean area are built on local, recyclable cardboard forms. Some posts in the Forest area are covered with tambour sheeting made of flexible bamboo splits glued to a cotton canvas backing.

The Forest area backdrop and leafy projections are made of fireproofed cotton muslin.

Benches are constructed of Poly-Wood, a material made of 100% recycled plastic milk jugs.

casework and graphics

Plyboo is used for trim on Bioacoustics Lab structures and furniture and for exposed natural-wood surfaces under Forest area graphics. Plyboo is an exceptionally durable plywood made entirely of rapidly-renewable bamboo and emissions-free adhesives.

Artifacts and the Power of Sound and Music Theater title letters are mounted on Kirei board, an engineered panel constructed from the stalks of the sorghum plant left over after harvest. The stalks are heat-pressed with a non-toxic (formaldehyde-free) adhesive to form a lightweight and strong board.

table surfaces

Green and blue table surfaces in the Forest and Ocean areas are made of locally-produced Environ Biocomposites – a decorative material one and a half times harder than oak made from recycled paper products, bio-based resins and color additives.

Gray tables in the Town area are surfaced with Marmoleum, a type of linoleum made from linseed oil, rosins, wood flour, jute, and ecologically responsible pigments.