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A traveling exhibition about the sounds and songs of life

Make a Shaker

Make a Shaker

A small instrument with a big sound -- It's a shaker!

You can fill it with beads or even pennies! When you make a cool shaker you have a cool sound that equals a cool rhythm! Shakers can be found around the world in many different forms, and are often used in dance and music celebrations.

Courtesy of the Sound Crew. The Sound Crew is a team of teenagers who worked on the Wild Music project, in the Science Museum of Minnesota’s Youth Science Center. During 2005 and 2006, they developed a number of sound and music activities, and tested them with kids in the museum and the community.

shaker shaker
  • Materials

  • • A small yogurt container with a top, or a metal tin with saran wrap to seal it.
  • • Beads, pennies, or other items that make sound.
  • • Decorations


  • 1. Take the container and fill it about half way with your items.
  • 2. Put the top on the container.
  • 3. Decorate.
  • 4. Shake!
Download a PDF to print below
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