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Shake and Match

Shake and Match

Have you ever given your memory a challenge? Well, Shake and Match is the game for you! This game allows you to test your memory by seeing if you can remember the sounds that you heard.

Courtesy of the Youth Sound Crew.

shake and match shake and match
  • Materials

  • 16 film canisters
  • permanent marker
  • 8 different dry materials (sand, rocks, screws, etc.)
  • glue
  • Making the Game

  • 1. Split up the film canisters into two sets (8 and 8).
  • 2. On one set of canisters, mark the tops with the letters A-H and the other set with the numbers 1-8, using the permanent marker.
  • 3. One by one, divide each dry material in half and put one half in a numbered canister and one half in a lettered canister. Do not do A-1, B-2, C-3, because that is too obvious. Try A-6, B-9, or some other random combination. Write down which canisters match so that you can check your answers.
  • 4. Glue the caps on the canister.
  • Playing the Game

  • 1. Start by shaking one canister from the number set and then try to match it with a canister from the letter set.
  • 2. Repeat step one for all the canisters until you think you matched them all. Check your answers.
  • 3. For extra challenges, make an extra set for a friend and have a race, make more than 8 combinations, or use materials that are really similar, like black beans and lima beans.
Download a printable PDF below
shakeandmatch.pdf341.3 KB