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A traveling exhibition about the sounds and songs of life

Sound Charades

Sound Charades

The object of this game is to use your mouth and your body to make the sounds on the card. The other players on the team try to guess the sound being made.

Courtesy of the Youth Sound Crew. Sound Crew is a team of teenagers who worked on the Wild Music project, in the Science Museum of Minnesota’s Youth Science Center. During 2005 and 2006, they developed a number of sound and music activities and tested them with kids in the museum and the community.

  • Materials

  • • 25 cards with words and pictures (laminated, if you want)
  • • For the cards we used animals and objects that we thought could be acted out using sounds instead of a lot of gestures or movement, like cat, airplane, waves, thunder, etc.
charades charades
  • How to Play

  • 1. First you divide the cards between each team.
  • 2. Each team gets 20 seconds per turn.
  • 3. For each turn, one player draws one card at a time and makes the sound on their card while the other teammates guess the sound. For an extra challenge, have the teammates close their eyes while they guess.
  • 4. For each turn, each team can skip one card to move on to the next card.
  • 5. You can make more difficult sounds on Bonus Round Cards. If both teams get all the cards correct they move on to the bonus round.
  • 6. Play as many rounds as you can. The first team to get all of their cards wins.
Download printable PDF below
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